4 Observations | European Half Round Eavestrough

Here’s why 6″ half round European style eavestroughs rank high in our books:

  • Functional: Drain-spouts are wider than typical drainage openings, directing rain water or ice away from getting into the building foundation
  • Durable: Made with copper, steel, zinc or aluminum. Can handle extreme weather conditions, hail, winds and more.
  • Low maintenance: The simplicity of the trough design makes cleaning go smooth. You can take your hands and run them through the troughs, without any metal brace in your way.
  • Beautiful: Adds to the aesthetics of your home and are ideal for classic and modern style homes. Your house will stand out in the neighbourhood. The European style eavestroughs go through a patina process overtime. See our post from August 12 for a photo collage.

Homes or commercial buildings with European style eavestroughs look stylish and timeless.
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